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On the run with a chocolate cupcake in my hand!

Not much time for posting but I tried a new cupcake recipe that MUST be shared.  It’s nothing fancy…or new…or difficult.  Just a little different. I made these yesterday morning to take to the birthday boy.  Of course,   I … Continue reading

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God Bless Scotland!

Scotland has always held me spellbound.  No idea why…until I discovered Scottish roots in my family through my genealogical research.  Maybe that’s why I was always drawn to anything Scottish!? One of the these days, I’m going to Scotland.  Sometime. … Continue reading

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Madi’s Horse: And Then There Were Eleven!

The truth is…there have been eleven for nearly three years. Grands, that is.  But this blog’s top banner show only 10. There were reasons Number 11 horse and horseman was tardy.  Good reasons and some not so good.  The intentions … Continue reading

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Ever hear of an elderberry?

  Until a few years ago, elderberry was unknown to this family.  One of Big Boss’s school buddies was visiting us as I nursed a cough and cold.  He told me about elderberry juice.  Since drinking a little each morning, … Continue reading

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Another good day for peach cobbler!

Actually, any day is a good day for peach cobbler!!  When my mother made peach cobbler, all she had to do was holler that it was out of the oven and I was there, lickety split!  Which in itself was … Continue reading

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Fresh Orange Cake Heaven, here we come! Take 2

Update note:  I posted this recipe a while back.  It’s audience keeps growing and growing so here we go again. As promised…a recipe.  A cake recipe.  An old family favorite. Next to a Lemon Meringue pie, this could be my … Continue reading

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The Stand Nobody Wanted

God often gives us unexpected treasures.  Actually, most treasures are unexpected…or they wouldn’t be treasures!? Some people call them blessings, while some call them gifts.  Whatever you might call them, they are delightful  surprises that are sometimes hidden in dust, … Continue reading

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