Madi’s Horse: And Then There Were Eleven!

The truth is…there have been eleven for nearly three years. Grands, that is.  But this blog’s top banner show only 10.

plasma cutter, cowboy, horse, metal art

There were reasons Number 11 horse and horseman was tardy.  Good reasons and some not so good.  The intentions were there, but you know what they say about intentions.

The delay wasn’t due to a lack of materials.  The sheet metal was purchased a couple of years ago.  The plasma cutter was tuned up and ready to go. Paw just needed to get moving! Or possibly, find the minutes to work on it.  After all, it IS busy this time of year!!

sheet metal cowboy, horse, plasma cutter

There was plenty of inspiration. Number 11 is quite a kid. There is never a dull moment when she’s around. And artistic ideas abounded.  Paintings and drawings of cowgirls on horses are easy to find around here, but then it did have to be just right.

And always there was the threat/possibility that we could fall even further behind with the surprise advent of a Number 12. But alas, that doesn’t figure to happen according to the mommies around here. So that excuse didn’t pan out. At all.

But, in spite of all the procrastination, Number 11 is now riding proudly along with the other 10.  She’s trailing the herd a bit and is doing her best to catch up. After all when you’re the littlest, you try really hard to keep up ’cause you want to be a big kid too!

metal art, sheet metal, plasma cutter, cowgirl

Paw came up with the idea years ago, even before the first grands came along.  The expected baby turned into two babies and we were already behind!!  But he churned out nearly two creations a year for several years.  Yep, this is a busy bunch.  In more ways than one!


The idea was…he’d make a life-sized cowboy/cowgirl for each grandchild.  They are riding on a hill straight east of our home and I can look out of my kitchen window and see them.  They are priceless art pieces (OK, maybe not priceless but to us?!!) and serve as constant reminders to pray for each child daily as we drive by…as I do dishes…as we walk in the evening…as I pull weeds in the yard.  We’ve had so many folks drive out here and comment how neat it was to see riders on the plains again, not realizing that the riders weren’t going very fast!
farm house, grain elevator, valley, farm

I took Madi up the hill to meet her horse the other day.  She could hardly wait!  Before we left the house, she took my face in her hands and said , “Meemaw!  Paw made a horse for ME?!!!!  Can I ride him?!!!”

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8 Responses to Madi’s Horse: And Then There Were Eleven!

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    Love Love Love this whole idea. Yes, you are a creative one, but your sweet hubby hit a home run with this creative idea! It may be another possible business in case the farming/ranching/outfitters gigs go down the tubes! This and cake decorating! 😀


    • The Queen says:

      It was all his idea….I just drew the horse and cowpeople and he projected them onto the sheet metal and started cutting! And, I could always paint old furniture!!?


  2. Carol says:

    So thrilled Madi’s project is completed and installed! They are all works of love. Hope to see a current photo of your 11 ‘grand’ riders on the hillside on your blog page soon.


  3. Jana Rima says:

    How cool!! I didn’t realize each horse represented a grandchild…That makes it even more cool…now when I see the pic of the horses I will pray also for your grands…Great Job Ronnie Ruffles!! LOL


  4. Donna says:

    So precious. Out of the mouth of babes!!


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