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Of cinnamon rolls and heaven: Repost for LaWanda

  Yes, I know the Bible doesn’t mention any cinnamon rolls in heaven.  But it also doesn’t say there won’t be any. In the meantime, us mortals can only do our best making them.  My mother-in-law was famous for hers.  … Continue reading

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You Never Know

what you’ll find in my driveway!!!  You could find a Massey Ferguson 8670 or  a stinky silage truck…that’s the most probable.  Or a manure spreader might show up.  Not a pleasant smell there either.  Or maybe a stock trailer headed … Continue reading

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Squash Euphoria: Again

I’ve had so many requests for this recipe, I might as well post it again!  My squash crop is abundant so we’ve been dining on this yummy casserole a lot!  So here we go…with Squash Euphoria…again! Yep.  There is such … Continue reading

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Batter UP!!!

A little word play…batter…cake…baseball?   OK, enough humor.  I’m trying to catch up. Sweet friend’s little girl wanted a baseball cake…KC Royals, of course.  So the challenge was to come up with something baseballish and not too boyish. The birthday … Continue reading

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