Batter UP!!!

A little word play…batter…cake…baseball?


OK, enough humor.  I’m trying to catch up.

baseball theme cake, Kansas City Royals, baseball shirt

Sweet friend’s little girl wanted a baseball cake…KC Royals, of course.  So the challenge was to come up with something baseballish and not too boyish.

The birthday girl’s favorite cake online was this:


baseball them cakeAnd the team shirt she liked was this:


But not blue!

So, I came up with the top cake.  And, as always, learned some new techniques and some new “Don’ts”.

It’s covered in buttercream and the rest is fondant/gumpaste.  The buttons were easy and took about 10 seconds.  Yes, I have a mold!  Cheating?  Nope.  Cause I had to dedicate a bit more time to meticulously cutting out the “Royals” lettering.  I just did one and prayed that it wouldn’t fall apart while applying to the cake.  I let it dry a bit then ever-so-carefully glued it on.  Whew!!!

The crown was a little easier to put together but again the cutting out part took FOREVER.

I got the idea for the cake plate on, of course, Pinterest.  I just covered a wood plate with fool safe paper then hot glued the baseballs to the bottom.   God bless the inventor of the hot glue gun!

And when I delivered the cake, the sweet mommy exclaimed “OH you got a “Silhouette”??!!

A what!??

“Oh kinda like a Cricut but more versatile!”

I looked at her menacingly and asked, “You have ONE?  That will cut out the lettering EXACTLY like the logo??!!!!”

She took a couple of steps back and answered, “Well yeah. And the crown logo too.  If I had known…”

ARGHHH!!!!!!!  🙂

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6 Responses to Batter UP!!!

  1. Carol says:

    Another winner cake! Funny post. I really laughed when you mentioned that she took a couple of steps back. Yep, ARGHHHH!


  2. I love this!! A little girl after my own heart.

    I invite you to stop by the Country Fair Blog party and link up three of your fantastic post! It is a great way to show case what versatile individuals we are all.
    Laurie – Country Link


  3. heartfelt4 says:

    How clever! You are amazing, Debbie! You don’t need shortcuts, you just make your own way!

    Now I’m hungry…got cake?



  4. The Queen says:

    As a matter of fact…I do!! Come on over!!!


  5. heartfelt4 says:

    If only….*sigh*


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