Chores of the Fall

I know.  I’ve been quiet.

I know.  I’ve been lazy.

I know.

But I have excuses of which most would say that I’ve had the perfect time to write blog pieces.  Or not.

I know.

#1 excuse…I had surgery…knee replacement to be exact. An old, old skiing accident finally caught up with me.  There was no choice. Had to be done. Ick.

#2 excuse…recovery time amounted to 6 weeks which meant sitting around feeling sorry  for oneself because everyone else was out running around and then having to stop to take me to the doctor/physical therapy/doctor etc.

#3 excuse….intense physical therapy.  I listened to the many, many friends who pounded their advise into my head…DO THE PT!!!!!!!

And so, now that I’m PT-free, recovery-free and almostdoctor-free, I can look back and see that it was good!

I learned I can’t take pain meds with narcotics.  Just a sniff of them does horrible things to me.  I’d make a terrible addict.

I learned that Big Boss is a terrific nurse!!! WHO KNEW?!!!  Couldn’t have done it without him for sure!

I learned that no matter how crummy I felt and discouraged I got, I could walk into PT and always be encouraged…”I can’t believe how well your’e walking!” “You’re NOT using the walker anymore?!” “Your scar is beautiful!”  I was a superstar!!  I could win ANY Scar Beauty Contest!  I rocked!!!

The PT Guy finally got a belly full of my attitude and said, “Your doctor said you’re doing great.  Your chiropractor is amazed with your progress.  And I say you’re way ahead of the healing schedule. Do you NOT believe any of us?!!!!”  So…I  just shut up. Finally.

And so…I have no more excuses. Period. I’ll try to be better but there is a bag of yarn awaiting me.knitted earwarmer with flower

And sweet potatoes to dig/cure.

harvested Sweet potatoes


giant sweet potatoes

giant sweet potatoes

Tipis to paint.

painting Kaya's tipi

Trails to hike.


More later…

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7 Responses to Chores of the Fall

  1. Piglove says:

    aaww – you are doing great!! Now, if you needed me I could come and chase you around to help with your PT. I would snort of course and cuddle afterwards. Oinks! XOXO – Bacon


  2. heartfelt4 says:

    I’m sorry you had such a painful/prolonged/tiresome recovery, Debbie, but I’m glad you’ve come through to the other side! My mom had knee surgery and it was rough – rough enough that she chose not to have the other knee done when she should have, which made her final years very inactive. You are such a busy beaver that you can’t let anything get in the way of your quality of life. Good for you! Love the pics of your sweet potatoes and tee-pees and was that your granddaughter? She looks lovely – like her grand ma! Have been meaning to call you for weeks, will try to sometime this week! Love ya!


    • The Queen says:

      Nah…I’m just a big baby! It was pretty much a normal recovery. I just hate recovering and all that goes with it. Yep, that was #1 granddaughter. #2 granddaughter’s tipi is up next. Plus a birthday cake. Yikes. What am I doing typing. I HAVE A CAKE to bake!!!! Also a turkey, a ham, dressing…


  3. Kitty says:

    So glad your recovery is history. Happy fall!


  4. heartfelt4 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Debbie! I thank God for you! Love ya!


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