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Powercats R Us

You might be asking, “What IS a Powercat?”!  That’s OK. I didn’t know either. For a long time, I lived in total oblivion of Kansas State/Wildcats/Power Cats/Bill Snyder. Then, Big Boss and I sent off 2 out of 3 sons to … Continue reading

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Windless on the Prairie

NO WIND!!!!! Front porch… Open windows! Fresh air…as in no dust Birds. Everywhere. Singing their tiny hearts out because… NO WIND!!!!! Blooms busting out. EVERYWHERE. Cattle mooing while Big Boss feeds them. I can hear that because… NO WIND!!!!! Geese … Continue reading

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Kansas Prairie Fortresses: Fort Hays

This one had been waiting for us. It was just around the corner. How had we missed it? Just 60 miles north of us, sits Fort Hays. Yes, the one mentioned in Dances With Wolves or so they claim. I … Continue reading

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Does your church have one of these?

No, I’m not talking about the guy who shows up only on Christmas and Easter. No, I’m not talking about the “Church Jumpers”, who try churches on like the latest trendy shoes. And not hypocrites.  We have those. You have … Continue reading

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The Knitting Evolves/Improves/Continues

  I claim to be NO expert in the knitting field.  I enjoy it. I hate it.  It relaxes me. It drives me up the proverbial wall.  It challenges me.  It makes me want to pull my hair out.  Conflicted, … Continue reading

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Yes, We Love Purple!

For more catching up…January brought us to yet another Kansas State birthday cake.  The birthday girl was very specific…it needed to be tall, white with purple polka dots, silver somewhere and a PowerCat to top it all off. Ahem. So, … Continue reading

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Dragging out coats again!

Yesterday was a day for change.  In the weather category.  We went from sunny and 72 to biting wind with temps dropping by the seconds. Fortunately, I chose to walk my  mile in the in-between hour where there was no … Continue reading

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and one more is in the books!

Time to catch up!?  Knee is healed…warmer weather…thinking about next grand’s cake but HEY!  I never posted the last one. Or maybe two.  Will have to check. December found us doing a piano cake…tried a new technique or two that … Continue reading

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