and one more is in the books!

Time to catch up!?  Knee is healed…warmer weather…thinking about next grand’s cake but HEY!  I never posted the last one. Or maybe two.  Will have to check.

December found us doing a piano cake…tried a new technique or two that I had seen in some old photos online.  I shut my eyes, grabbed a knife and started carving  four layers of cakes.  OK…I opened my eyes long enough to get it figured out. Thankfully, I had flowers already made up, so the fondant keyboard was the biggest job.  And the music staff stenciling.  Do you have any idea how much courage it takes to stencil black icing onto a perfectly butter-creamed, precisely carved, perfectly leveled CAKE!?????   It’s not for the fainthearted!!

piano key musical staff cake


music staff piano keyboard cakecarved musical staff piano keyboard cake

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