Dragging out coats again!

Yesterday was a day for change.  In the weather category.  We went from sunny and 72 to biting wind with temps dropping by the seconds.

Fortunately, I chose to walk my  mile in the in-between hour where there was no wind and all I needed was my work hoodie.

I decided on The Hill route as it is the less traveled road…visions of Robert Frost anyone?!!

Kansas Pike's Peak

Bet you didn’t know there’s a Pikes Peak in Kansas?! Looking west.

The guys are furiously scraping, piling hauling manure out of pens to fields.  And cattle trucks are creating traffic jams on our country roads.  The cattle that have been on wheat pasture are being taken into pens, and pen cattle are going out to pasture.

Kansas pasture

to the North…the horizon about 10 miles away

The tractors are being revved up so the Planting can begin.  Sprayers are fine tuned and ready to zap the bindweed.  Seed corn has been ordered and is waiting in neatly stacked piles to be poured into the planters.


It’s official. Spring is right around the corner and March Madness does NOT refer to basketball exclusively!!!  Intensity is in the air!

Also, I took pics of blooms.  That was providential because I can guarantee that those blooms are history.

The forsythia has been in bloom for a week or two…bye bye.

Kansas forsythia bloom

The perennially STUPID apricot tree bloomed 3 weeks ago!!  THREE!!!  Bye bye.

Kansas apricot blooms

The peach and apple trees were threatening to pop out with color but after a long talk, I may have convinced them to procrastinate another week.  I pray.

Gogi plants are budding out…have  no idea if this late storm will stunt them, but I’m pleased that they have survived and the cuttings have thrived!

Today?!!!  We have near blizzard conditions. I can’t see my horsemen from the kitchen window.  Arghhh!  Back to knitting.


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2 Responses to Dragging out coats again!

  1. My apricot trees are in bloom. It was 24 degrees two nights ago. I went out the afternoon before the freeze and sprayed them with liquid fish emulsion. It generates some heat and SOMETIMES saves the blooms not fully open. Fingers crossed! It had been in the upper 60’s with lows in the 40’s so things are bursting forth here too.


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