The Knitting Evolves/Improves/Continues


I claim to be NO expert in the knitting field.  I enjoy it. I hate it.  It relaxes me. It drives me up the proverbial wall.  It challenges me.  It makes me want to pull my hair out.  Conflicted, yes?!

knitted baby hat, blanket

The light blue piece was practice.

Absolutely.  But I plug along.  After knitting nothing but scarves for 2 years, I ventured into ear warmers.  Here, I stalled out.  Round stuff intrigued me but not enough to inspire me to try “round”.  A friend encouraged me. And encouraged me.  And then I just picked up the “in the round” needles, put on my big girl britches and knitted a hat.

Yeah. A hat.  And it turned out…well, ROUND!!!!!!!  I knit about a dozen of that simple pattern and decided to stake another step forward and try a pretty little scalloped edge hat.  After several steps backward and an introduction to casting off  with double needles…are you impressed?!…my knitting tutor at the local yarn shop, got me through that trial.  And so now, I can decrease in style!

From there, it became very clear that a baby blanket was in order. It was now or never as  this twelfth grandbaby is The End. Or so I’m told.  The thought was, “If I don’t do this now, I won’t have babies to practice for.”   So, off I flew with a new project and pattern.

My poor husband has perservered right alongside me, with the phone set to dial the closest asylum real quicklike.  Yes. I get that aggravated.  He quietly came in each day to find something, anything…to eat.  He learned not to talk while I was knitting because I WAS COUNTING!  Sheesh.  Who knew it was so hard to count and knit?

Knitted baby blanket

Anyways, this kid better love this blankie! That’s all I have to say about it.  Other than…I started another one last Sunday.  Big Boss aka Paw walked past me and said, “ARE YOU DOING ANOTHER ONE?!!!”  Well, of course.  This one will knitted out of a good yarn. And a different pattern that won’t send me screaming into the hills.  The other one was for pratice.

He just grabbed a banana and left.

The new blankie using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, denim. Love love love it!

The new blankie using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, denim. Love love love it!

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3 Responses to The Knitting Evolves/Improves/Continues

  1. Ann Edgar says:

    By jove, you’ve got it! All are very pretty, but like you, the denim blanket is beautiful!


  2. PM says:

    Congratulations!! I knew you could do it! Why denim and not purple???


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