Kansas Prairie Fortresses: Fort Hays

This one had been waiting for us. It was just around the corner. How had we missed it?

Just 60 miles north of us, sits Fort Hays. Yes, the one mentioned in Dances With Wolves or so they claim. I always thought that the Dances with Wolves‘ Fort Hays was in the Dakotas, but maybe not. Anyway, it sounds good to say it was in the movie?! Which, by the way, is one of my favorite movies!

The grandgirls are on Spring Break and the trip for the week was to Hays. Our primary destination spot was the Sternberg Museum. The girls could hardly contain themselves. They had all been to the museum before but it’s always changing and dinosaurs fascinate them.


Sternberg Museum Hays, Kansas
I wondered how long it would take for them to be bored with exhibitions they had seen twice already, but they found new things to be fascinated with. The “hands on ” room, of course was one of their favorites.


They asked to “dig” a while but I remembered the boys experience there and nipped that in the bud. Sand all over a newly vacuumed vehicle did not appeal to me. Grumpy Meemaw.


They shrugged me off and headed to the gift shop, naturally. We found some good books and headed to Gella’s for a late lunch. Imagine their delight when their lunches were delivered in blue Mustang convertibles…of the cardboard kind!


As they sang and skipped to the car…where DO they get the energy????…I announced that we might stop at Fort Hays. They thought I meant the college and were ecstatic when I explained that it was a place similar to Fort Larned.

Off we went….and Fort Hays WILL remember us. I’m sure.


“Oh look Meemaw. Indian baby cradles likes our American Girl dolls!!!”

“Cool!! Swords!!!”

“Where did the soldiers sleep?”

“Can we go to that building/room/corner/shop?”

Fort Hays, Kansas

My but we were busy little critters, but they had a blast! There were soldier’s coats and hats to dress up in and soldier mock ups who they posed with. And they decided that the houses on Officers’ Row would be fun to live in.image

Our 3 hour trip turned into a 6 hour journey that, hopefully, taught them a little about life on the prairie in the late 1800’s.

Great place with wonderful hospitality! Next it’s the boys’ turn….

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  1. Barb V says:

    How fun! The girls are growing up!!

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