Powercats R Us

You might be asking, “What IS a Powercat?”!  That’s OK. I didn’t know either. For a long time, I lived in total oblivion of Kansas State/Wildcats/Power Cats/Bill Snyder.

Then, Big Boss and I sent off 2 out of 3 sons to college at…yeah, K State.  And they graduated with purple blood running thru their purple veins.  Plus, we picked up  another K Stater along the way in the form of daughter-in-law.  The other son and one DiL graduated from Oklahoma Panhandle State with the last DiL a grad of Fort Hays State.  So, no matter how you look at it, K State is big in this family.

Back to the Powercat…K State legend says that Bill Snyder, the famed football coach of K State for decades, asked a K State art prof to come up with a new logo and “Powercat” was born. Simple, distinct and easy to cut out of gumpaste.  Sort of. Patience and a really sharp, new Xacto knife helps, a lot!

The Trickle Down theory rules here, as in all but 4 of the grands are huge K State fans.  Those 4, bless their hearts, are big KU fans…especially in the basketball department.  But then so are the K State fans! 🙂

All of that to say, YES, another Powercat cake was requested for #1 granddaughter’s birthday last week.  In fact, SHE designed it.  Thankfully, it was very doable so I did it.

Kansas State, Powercat, wildcat, cake

She did rearrange the numbers as I had them pretty wonky, on purpose.  She lined them up a bit!  Last year she designed and helped decorate the cake.  Couldn’t do it this time due to many, MANY complications.  So I worked alone this year.

I’m losing track of all of the purple and white cakes.  Maybe I should  check them out….

Kansas State, football stadium, cake, PowercatPower Cat, K State, cakeKansas State, Wildcat, Powercat, cake

Purple Kansas State ruffle birthday cake

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