Windless on the Prairie

NO WIND!!!!!

Front porch…

Open windows!

Fresh air…as in no dust

Birds. Everywhere. Singing their tiny hearts out because…

NO WIND!!!!!

Blooms busting out. EVERYWHERE.

Cattle mooing while Big Boss feeds them.

I can hear that because…

NO WIND!!!!!

Geese and jets overhead.

Humidity in the air!

And tulips popping up.


Yep, God has given us a gorgeous day and I’m headed out to enjoy it.

Before the wind starts in. And it will. You know it. You adjust to it. And go play outside while you can.

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One Response to Windless on the Prairie

  1. We just finished three 24 hour days of 35 m.p.h. steady wind. Whew! I had to be out in it Tuesday and my hair felt like someone had used a corkscrew on it. Yesterday we were thankfully back to normal, light breeze, sunny, and me itching to get Spring chores done.


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