Waiting for #12

Any day now, #12 will make his/her appearance.

And the blankie is done. Actually 2 are done…one for practice, one for real. One hat done. Baby bunny is at the ready with a K State hat (made by someone who knows what they’re doing, which excludes me!).


knit baby blanket cashmerino image image

The last blankie was finished on schedule.  I love the yarn I used…Debbie Bliss’s Denim Cashmerino Aran…55% merino wool, 33% acrylic, 12% cashmere.  The pattern was looking pretty good when I finished it but the blocking was the cherry on top!  I spent time getting the rows lined up with a yardstick but it was worth it.  I’ll do this pattern again. Especially for the male species!  I think it would make a nice scarf.

And so…the knitting season looks to be winding down…tulips are blooming, apple and peach trees are busting out all over, grass is greening up.  Time to sharpen up the hoe, find the rake and till the garden.  The yarn will have to  rest until October…or November!

Meanwhile…we wait for #12…

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