KU basketball court cake, JayhawkWell, maybe there was just a tiny bit. But not for long.


For those of you who don’t know…Kansas State and University of Kansas are arch rivals. And it usually works out well…K State is strong in football and KU excels in basketball. That makes us a House Divided. Sort of. During football, we all root for K State..until they play each other. During basketball, we all root for KU…until they play each other. However, there is strong majority of K State grads, so K State dominates. Yay us!

So, yesterday, as I put the finishing touches on aforementioned cake, a whole gang of K State fans, gathered around me with a unanimous decision that it was seriously lacking in the Purple Department. Remembering that I had just taken a purple Powercat that was used on the last cousin cake to the birthday girl, a plan was born.

Powercat, KU basketball court cake


Willie, the Powercat was retrieved and plopped in the middle of the cake basketball court. Then after the birthday boy recovered from the initial shock (KU fans are deadly serious about their Jayhawks), I presented the silly, little bird to complete the KU theme and everyone was happy!

Jayhawk basketball cake

Meanwhile, Meemaw learned loads of new things to do and things NOT to do on a basketball court cake…mainly use fondant instead of buttercream on the sides. That way, when the bumbling decorator tries to put the blue fondant on top of the cake and trim the sides STRAIGHT, the buttercream won’t end up looking like it was run through the garbage disposal. Seriously, those sides were SMOOTH when I started. For real. Not so much after.

Anyway, what’s next? Well, we haven’t discussed it as the birthday girl’s mom is DUE ANY MINUTE! So we’re…still…waiting…

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