Casa de Smurf

Tree stump cake with Smurfs and mushrooms

We are now entering a time warp.  Be warned.

tree stump Smurf cake with mushrooms

Smurfs were so 80’s.  I had forgotten about the tiny little blue guys…and gal.  Then they made a movie a couple of years ago, so off the grands and I went.  Yeah, it was still Smurfy. And the song that has rattled around in my head for the last 30 years was still there.  Yay.

But, when #4 granddaughter requested a Smurf cake, all I could think was “Oy vey?!!!”  After a brief fainting spell, I remembered a cute little fairy house cake from long ago that I had saved on to my iPad and VOILA!….I had my inspiration!

And I had saved a page from a Christmas story book that filled the bill by combining with the first inspiration.

Smurf tree stump cake


I made a quick sketch of what I saw in my head and dug in.

What I learned:

Always have pounds and pounds of fondant on hand. I ran out about 3/4 of the way around the taller stump.  I also had just enough red fondant to make the large cap/roof.  Eek!

Think small.  I thought I was, but obviously I got carried away. Like I always do.

Allow plenty of drying time for all pieces.  Actually, I did pretty good on that part.

Making bark is not a simple task.

Using a new, sharp Xacto blade is very, very important when making tiny little windows, doors, ladders, etc. Trust me on this one.

The birthday girl was pleased. Smurfdom was yummy. And no, I didn’t make the 2 Smurfs. I cheated. Thank you McDonalds. You make cute Smurfs.

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8 Responses to Casa de Smurf

  1. Kitty says:

    My goodness, Your Highness, your talent is beyond awesome!


  2. Fancy Nancy says:

    Really Cute!


  3. I love it! That is adorable and looks so realistic!


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