For your viewing pleasure during THE DEBATE…

Yes.  My title is an oxymoron. Pleasure does not=debate.

So much to say.    Yeah. That sums up my stinky attitude about The Debate tonight.  I already know how I’m voting.  Do I jump off the west side of the cliff…or the east side? Besides, my blood pressure can’t take it. At all.

Therefore, The Debate will be left to the “experts”.

And, since Big Boss has sworn off of the NFL, no football will entertain us tonight either. Yay!

So the question becomes…what the heck will watch tonight?

In hopes of not wasting time, I’ve looked at the TV schedule available tonight.   Thirteen channels so far) will be carrying The Debate.  That leaves somewhere around 254 Debate Free channels, of which the following might be a possible viewing choice.

1. “What Women Want”-Oxygen…this “could” put you in a coma right away.

2.  “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”-FX…ummm timely?

3.  “While You Were Sleeping”-CMT…Sandra Bullock fans!  heads up!

4. ” Superman: The Movie”-ELREY???…having watched this movie years ago, it might be time to brush up on The Planet Krypton.

5.  Check up on the latest Princess Diana conspiracies on REELZ.

6.  Brush up on my Spanish via UNVSN.  Wait. Subtitle reads “El Debate”. Scratch that.

7.  So how about rewatching recorded “Poldark” eps in preparation for the new season? (I can’t believe how much I had forgotten from last season!)


Ross Poldark and Demelza. Photo via Fanpop

8.  Or begin a rewatch of “Pride and Prejudice”, 1995.  I haven’t watched that in a looooong time!

ahhh..that's more like it!

ahhh..that’s more like it!

9.  Watch “Chopped” on the Food channel as the judges “worry” about something and then focus on Kefir.  Allrighty then…

10.  Talk to Big Boss as he nods off. Repeatedly!

OR….drumroll please…edit photos that I’ve put off doing FOREVER!!

Oh. The possibilities.

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9 Responses to For your viewing pleasure during THE DEBATE…

  1. chmjr2 says:

    Could watch baseball. Well that is what I will be doing. My wife has her evening all planned as her quilt club meets tonight.


  2. Dawn Rumley says:

    How about running Darcy in the background while editing photos.? Actually I am probably taking my daughter to a debate watching party. I think it will be be the most off script happening of my lifetime-politically speaking.


  3. PM says:

    Just channel surfing and found that “Chariots of Fire” will be on tonight. May watch that or may set up a marathon of “North and South”. Maaaaay watch 10 minutes of the debate but not any more than that.


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