On the other hand…

corn field

Yes. It’s flat here. PV Feedlot on the horizon with center pivot to the right.

Wheat harvest/corn silage harvest/grain corn harvest (just pick one) is in full swing.  And the good Lord must be testing us.  The combine just will not stay running for more than five minutes.  Although, help has arrived and we may have the problem solved.  But our guys were battling machinery in the hot sun and were tired and very A..GRA..VATED!


Big Boss running the tractor

I hit the floor running this morning.  After a cup…ok 2 cups…of coffee, I mopped nasty floors.  In the middle of the nastiness, son #2 called wanting me to print out a map he had emailed me.


Yard décor a la farmer style

Quick prayer that printer would work.  It did!  Me-1 Printer-3786

BB pulled up.  I waved the just printed map at him and he dragged me into the pickup, while talking on his phone. As we pull out of the driveway in a cloud of dust, I realized my phone was still in the house.  I told him. He said you won’t need it where you’re going.  Well where was I going?

Again, thankful that I had just pulled on work clothes right before he came.  Yay me!

He finally got off the phone as we took off…literally…and laid out the plan as we picked up one of our guys at the feedlot, in a cloud of dust.

grain cart

Wheat harvest 2014?…combine just filled the grain cart (the green thing) and is now unloading into the semi trailer (the white thing) which will take the wheat to the grain elevator.

“Take Guy #1 to field A, drop him off with aforementioned map, dump me here.”  So, Guy #1 and I head out, chatting about food, nutrition and all sorts of miscellaneous chit chat.  OK, the truth is, I was lecturing him about his eating habits, which, of course, he was focusing his complete attention on. Not.  I asked if he wanted us to bring a lunch out to him.  Nah, he said…got a half bag of Chili Fritoes and a candy bar.

I glared and asked if he ate supper when he got in at nights. OH yeah!  He said he’d be fine cause he’d eat good then and then hook up his oxygen and go to bed.  Flashing lights and sirens were going off in my head.  I opened my mouth to start my lecture and he waved me off, saying he was too old to change his ways now.  Really?

Wheat harvest 2015

Wheat harvest 2015…combine filling the grain cart.

Dumped Guy #1 out at tractor in field and headed home.

Arrived home in driveway when BB  calls (it’s 9:00).  Gotta put field shoes back on…sandals do NOT work in fields.  Trust me on this. And grabbed my phone off the charger. Me-1 Phone-5674

Claas silage cutter

Corn silage harvest 2011…for this harvest, the Claas cutter cuts and loads as it moves through the corn field.  A very talented driver drives alongside, adjusting to how the corn is filling up and the position of the cutter.

Ran to truck.  Nevermind, he says as he gets off phone.  His brother is taking him.

Where was I? Home to finish mopping.  I am walking in the door when BB calls again.  Uh, Guy#1 left map in my pickup.  He’ll stop by after it.  I begin cleaning out BB’s pickup while waiting on him, trying to decide if I should go get a shovel first.  HOW does a pickup get this nasty?    BB stops for map and is off!

Corn field

I told you it would grow!  Big Boss and #2 son…2013

I finished cleaning nasty pickup, go through the garage to check on the icemaker, start a load of farmer clothes in the washer, decide to water potted plants, pick strawberries and shake out rugs in the hunter’s dining room.  Wait. What was I  supposed to be doing?!!

Back to the mopping.  BB calls.  They’re broke down. Again.  He’s coming for lunch. WHAT?!!  I haven’t even finished my second cup of coffee and he’s ready for lunch?

grain corn harvest

Grain Corn 2016-after making several rounds through the cornfield, the combine (driven by #3 son) unloads into the grain cart which is pulled by a tractor (driven by #2 son).


The tractor then hauls the corn to the awaiting tractor and bagger.


The grain corn unloads into the hopper which pushes the corn into a HUGE plastic bag that will hold 10,000 bushels. This is a new toy method.


A field meeting of BB, #2 son and employee

Thankfully, I made a huge batch of meatballs the night before and had a bowl of leftover broccoli. Me-1 Leftovers-600 million!

BB arrives, eats and leaves again and I call DiL about field meals for the day…which is rapidly disappearing! We have a plan and cookies are the order of the day.  Get cookies out of oven and take to DiL.  Headed back home to eat lunch….after all it’s 3:30.

Wait.  Weather maps are showing rain tonight!  I grabbed my hat, spray down with OFF and threw the mower into high gear…2 hours later, I’m half done.

Break time.  Or rather, lunch time.  Yes, it’s now  4:00. Guacamole and chips…and a Diet Sprite.  Uhhh.  Was I the one preaching nutrition to Guy #1?  Ooopss.  Well, avocadoes are very nutritious, right?  We’re going to go with that thought.

Back to the mowing for another 2 hours.  Then the garden needs water….oh for Pete’s Sake.  Water is still going.  Hang on.

In the corn field

#2 son

Whew.  Water is off.  But I can hear the combine going across the creek.  Yay US!!

Back to the garden, I pulled weeds while watering.  By that time it’s getting dark.  And I needed a shower.  Immediately.  One of the perks of country life is, you can shake the grass out of your bra and no one is around to notice. Or care.

I jumped into the shower, got out, started the washer and….I find my COLORED PENCILS and journaling Bible!!  I’ve been hunting for them all week.  Right where I put them.  On top of the dryer buried under a pile of folded clothes.  Huge YAY for me!!

Enough cheering for me.  Big Boss just walked in exhausted.  He gets the First Fruits of the apricot tree, the blackberries and strawberries….yes, I forgot that I picked those sometime during the day.

Hopefully, the combine will cooperate tomorrow…

But, on the other hand, if it doesn’t, we could take a vacation?!!!




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5 Responses to On the other hand…

  1. Melinda Strickland says:

    Vacation is coming! Get those bags packed! 48 hours to liftoff!


  2. Sounds like one of my days. How many times can you warm up a cup of coffee??? Sometimes I feel like a dog chasing its tail. I better go get the water on the grass myself…or should I mow first…oh, wait I need to run the vacuum…yea, I get it. 😉


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