The Case of the Dangling Participle

The term “dangling participle” has always made me laugh.  It just sounds so…unfinished…waiting to be completed…hang in there for resolution. Which would describe my garden this year.

Tomatoes are still green and numerous.  I think they’re taunting me for the peppers are bountiful and begging to be plopped into a big pot for salsa making.  Still waiting on tomatoes to ripen.

Squash were dead…or so I thought, but they’re hanging on and blooming and setting on baby squash.  Oy Vey!

The okra is still producing, tho not much but enough to make a mess of fried okra and squash!!

Then there are the pumpkins…still blooming, still setting on baby pumpkins, still ripening….and dangling.  Case in point…


fairytale pumpkin
I was picking some of the riper pumpkins the other day. As I bent down to check one, my eye caught a pumpkin in mid-air! Yep, there she hung, dangling like she belonged there on a vine that had grown through, over and under a dog kennel gate.

I went into instant rescue mode and propped her up on a 5 gallon bucket. Still lots of growing to do and what with expected 90-degree weather tomorrow, maybe we’ll get a full-grown Fairytale out of it yet?! And maybe a red tomato or two…


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2 Responses to The Case of the Dangling Participle

  1. An Ordinary Woman's Walk With God says:

    We had a dangling cantaloupe in our backyard this fall. It grew to enormous size and then the vine died and we had to pluck it to see what was inside this monster. Cutting it open, and cleaning the many seeds, we slice it into pieces, anticipating the flavor we are to taste. Surprise! The melon was still green and had no taste at all. Such a disappointment after watching this gem for over a month as it grew. Now the birds are excited over this delicacy I have placed in the mulch pit. At least it does not entirely go to waste. Now we watch the beautiful display of green beans that have come up and anxiously wait to see who wins out. Mature green beans or the blast of mother nature as winter rolls in.
    Reva Horton-Northside Baptist Church of Corsicana, Texas… Hello Debbie!!!!


    • The Queen says:

      I’ve had pretty good luck with volunteer pumpkins but not so much melons. In fact, melons in general haven’t been too great up here. But the dangling part intrigues me…so unexpected@! And it had been there a good while before I ever looked up to notice it. Right under my nose! Glad it wasn’t a snake!! Thanks for stopping by!


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