Out with the Old, In with the…Old

The decorations are down and boxed up.  Garlands and bows have been stuffed into the storage bins.  The tree has been placed into its special bag and tucked away.

Christmas is officially over.  Kinda proud though because it’s all down and put away EARLY!  And this year…I cleaned out every storage bin, reorganized and then packed items away according to type. Yep, I’m on a real cleaning binge.

Christmas tree skirt

Look closely and you will see a missing shoe, train engine and tree trunk.

The only thing left is the tree skirt that my mother made for our first Christmas as a married couple.  It’s THAT old.

Several years ago, I took everything off of it so I could replace the white felt.  The original was really dirty and not washable.  So I hunted till I found washable white felt and repositioned all of the characters/items.  That eventually got dirty so I took them off again and washed the skirt this year.

But some of the items were MIA.  I thought I’d surely find them in the bottom of those bins, and did locate two but some were still missing.

During these last few cold, icy and sometimes snowy January days and nights, I’ve been slowly sewing on Santa and Mrs. Santa.  The clock and tree are now back in place and three elves are doing their elfin things around the tree. All that’s left to finish is cutting out one tiny elf boot and one tree stand and one train engine which will yield one old but renewed Christmas tree skirt.

Kinda like me.  Old and in need of repair.  Some pieces of me are replacements.  Some pieces are missing. Some will just have to make do.

Stained, beat up, missing parts, needing new parts, slightly off center….imperfect.  But Someone is patching me up. Daily He works new patterns in me.  He remolds me, pats the out-of-place parts back into place.  He feeds me, teaches me, inspires me through His Word and gives me new directions.

The old tree skirt and me.  A lot alike.

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4 Responses to Out with the Old, In with the…Old

  1. chmjr2 says:

    All the best in this new year to you and yours.


  2. Carol Dismukes says:

    This is wonderful, Debbie. The tree skirt is such a treasure and well worth salvaging, just as we are to God.

    Love and blessings,



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