Making the Old New Again

I have a theme going here lately.  Why?  Because I am purging closets, putting away Christmas stuff, de-cluttering, organizing stuff…

I’m actually getting things done.  Partially thanks to trimming down time spent on social media. A friend and I made a pact this weekend to stop trying to defend our worldview in the face of complete denial and misinformation while they claim to offer “open discussion”…until you dare to disagree. He reminded me that we are to shake off the dust.  So that’s what we did.  It was hard but after 3 rounds, it was time to move on.

And as a result, tree limbs are now trimmed, picked up, piled, hauled off.  It’s going to be a wait and see game to tally up the deceased.  A couple of trees are very questionable so we’ll see what spring brings us.



One closet is completely re-organized.  Not empty. But you can actually walk into it now!! I know it’s the small things…

Another is nearing renovation.  There are fewer storage bins.  The disturbing thing is that remaining bins are scrapbook material that has been put off for decades.  So I’m pondering that still. Update: bins are now reduced!  Grade school workbooks and art, GONE!  Biology notebook from college, GONE! Old sports programs, GONE!  Birthday party invites and graduation party napkins, GONE!!  PS…Big Boss is certain I’ve lost my mind!

A storage room is clear.  All Christmas bins are cleaned out, reorganized and tucked back into their assigned spots.  And…you can walk into THAT room!

But…in all that cleaning out of first grade papers (from both Big Boss and me), both of our Jr. High and High school stuff, college stuff, wedding stuff, newlywed stuff and followed by the Big Kahuna of them all….BABY STUFF, I’ve found lots  piles  mountains of old photos.  Most of which need some Photoshop ER.

Slowly but surely I’m getting them scanned in, adjusted, cropped and saved. Wow, does it eat up the time.

farm life, silage harvest

Big Boss and #2 son in 1979…silage harvest was on…they were probably waiting for grub! be working on genealogy right now. Just look what a 3rd cousin, ? removed sent me the other day!!  THE only photo of our Stone branch of the family!!!!  Right out of the clear blue sky!!  What a treasure!  We have a couple of really far away shots that are very poor quality of Ma and Pa Stone in their later years but THIS!!

And three weeks ago, a distant cousin sent the below photo!!!!  The only photo of my great-grandparents that is clear.  We have a couple of snapshots but the shot is so distant and grainy, it was almost impossible to identify the folks in the photo.  But THIS!!!


The girl in white is my Great Grandmother, Delia Stone Hibler, with three of her brothers and her father, John Henry Stone and mother, Sarah Ann Jennings Stone. Notice she’s holding a white bonnet in her right hand and her tummy with her left? We’re pretty sure she was trying to tell the photographer that she was pregnant and dates match this theory.

And I planned on getting some knitting done but that hasn’t happened. Yet.

Two more boxes of photos and I’ll have this thing licked.  Then…I’ll have to sort them.  Then date them. Then get them into a scrapbook or album or…

It never ends does it?

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8 Responses to Making the Old New Again

  1. I have temporarily taken a break from genealogy research and have been quilting and crocheting. I have more sorting to do but it is coming along. If only this sorting would rub off on my hubby and he would get inspired to tidy up his side of the garage. ☺


  2. Ann says:

    Please a copy of the Stone family pic. Who sent it? It is awesome!


  3. Kitty says:

    Years from now your posterity will appreciate all you hard work. And wonder where are all the memorabilia from your early school years.


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