The Education of Meemaw


Minecraft birthday cake Creeper Someone please tell me that I’m not the only granny who didn’t know what “Minecraft” was?  Grandson #6 breathlessly informed me he wanted a Minecraft birthday cake, to my complete and total ignorance.  Then he started rattling on and on about Steve, the Creeper and other previously unheard of characters that his old granny was clueless about.

But, just like past cake requests that left me going “HUH?!”, I did my research, picked a few grands’ brains and got ‘er done…after numerous panic attacks.

You know…when the same kid said he wanted a “Gold Rush” cake.  A WHAT?!!  Help MEEEE!!! Thank goodness for Google.

Gold Rush birthday cake

And the time when grandson #5 asked for a “Ben 10” birthday cake.  Ben WHO?!!  So, I learned all I could about good old Ben.

Ben 10 birthday cake

Ben 10 theme cake

Can’t forget about Bowzer, who made his grand appearance on grandson #5’s fifth birthday cake.  Mario Brothers I had heard of…Bowzer? Not so much.

Bowzer castle Marion Brothers cake

Before these kids get done with me, I’ll be the best educated old dog around these parts.



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