1,781 Shades of Grey

Learned something new lately.  Grey is not easy.

Pale grey icing fresh flowers wedding cake

There you have it. I was living in a dream world where you just put a dab of color in white icing, and VOILA, you have the perfect color.

So when a sweet, dear, old friend asked me to make a special cake, I said YES!! (But but…you said NO more weddings! This was an exception.) She wanted simple, not huge and pretty….maybe with fresh flowers. Sounds great right? And she thought a pale shade of grey would be nice for the cake frosting.  I did too!  Grey!?! I had never done a grey cake!  This is going to be fun, I thought!

Well, let me just say, my spare fridge is full of grey icing. (Anyone need a blueish cake?)

Yes, friends. Grey is NOT easy. What?, you declare, just add a bit of black to white and you have grey. I wish.

First round looked baby blueish.  Second round was even worse.  The more black I added, the bluer it got.

Maybe it needed a bit more white icing?!  Nope. How about a touch more black and maybe a bit of brown?

Wedding cake strawberry filing

Well, that didn’t work.  What to do. What to do.  OK maybe I was being paranoid, but more black seemed to be the only answer.  Nope. Now it was REALLY blue.  Argggh.

Time to call on the experts so I messaged my go to lady, Sharon Zambito.  Thankfully, she answered quickly saying, “wow, grey is tough”! Oh yay.  “Add a tiny bit of red or orange!”  Looking on Cake Central’s Urgent Care Center (ok, I just made that name up) several cake ladies suggested NOT using Wilton’s black.

With a full pail of a LOT of blueish icing that couldn’t be used, I decided to make a fast trip to the closest Hobby Lobby and get a new black and more powdered sugar. I jetted back home with a plan in hand and a different black.  Hope sprang fresh in my cakey heart!

Sure enough, the new batch looked greyer…still a blue hue to it, but not like the first batch.  So I threw it on the cakes, smoothed it and chilled it.

Decorating went smoothly the next day.  I hauled the three cakes up to the reception hall.  Where, in the kitchen, there were blue fluorescent lights that turned the cakes…you guessed it…BLUE!!!!  I was close to throwing a wall-eyed hissy fit but I gathered what was left of my self-control and moved the cakes into the main room where there were….YELLOW lights.  And the cakes turned grey.

Moral of the story?  Grey ain’t easy in any light but make sure your venue lights are NOT blue.  Trust me on this.  And that little dab of red made all the difference.  Hallelujah!!

I was happy.  The bride was happy. And we’re living happily ever after!!

BTW…does anyone need a grey/blueish cake?

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5 Responses to 1,781 Shades of Grey

  1. Candace Prather says:

    Absolutely gorgeous…and it was good, too! 🙂


  2. Donna says:

    Deb I would take one of your cakes if they were purple with pink polka dots. Lol. They are yummy


  3. Teuchter says:

    How gorgeous! Especially with the fresh flowers. More and more people seem to be using them on cakes which I think is beautiful. As usual your results are stunning!


  4. Stephanie Brown says:

    Beautiful cake Debbie. Are thoe peonies? They’re lovely.


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