4th of July goodies…from last year

Strawberries are a staple around here.  Big Boss eats them with his cereal every morning.  I eat them not every day but they make a great snack.  I eat mine minus the dip in the sugar, using a packet of Splenda instead.

But these turned out so pretty last year, I decided we need to revisit them….


One tray complete, one to go....

One tray complete, one to go….

If you live out in the country, it might be too late.  But city folk will be good to go should you decide to accept this challenge for your July the Fourth party/gathering/celebration.  🙂

I saw these little patriotic jewels online a while back, made a mental note and much to my…and probably everyone’s else’s…surprise, I remembered it.  I didn’t pin it at Pinterest for some weird reason but hey, I remembered!!!!

Way easy!!

Let’s name this “Sousa Strawberries”…as in John Phillip?  You know…the guy who wrote all of those wonderful patriotic tunes a long time ago?  Or maybe “Key Berries” after Francis Scott Key.  You remember him right?

Wash berries thoroughly and drain on a paper towel.  Gently dry each strawberry with another paper towel.


If you have time, let them air dry for 10 minutes or so.

Meanwhile, in a small Pyrex bowl…I use those handy-dandy 1 cup measuring bowls that Pampered Chef makes…pour in a handful of white chocolate.  I used the Pure White wafers from Hobby Lobby.  Zap them for 30 seconds on high. Stir and zap them again for 20 seconds. Stir until smooth.  Let it cool until it’s warm.

Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper or use styro plates to place the strawberries on while the chocolate hardens.


Dip the strawberry in the melted chocolate, covering 2/3 of the berry with chocolate. Let it drip a bit then place on your plate/sheet. Repeat.  Melt more white choco as needed as there is no set amount to use.

Let the choco-berry harden, then redip them 1/3 of the way or halfway up the already dipped part.  Does that make sense?  It really doesn’t matter…just so you have the red part of the berry showing, a white part and a blue part.


Now for the blue part…when you’ve dipped the berry for the second time in the white chocolate, have some blue sugar in a second little bowl..about 3/4 cup.  Make a little indentation in the middle of the sugar and roll the berry around kind of on its sides and squish the choco into the sugar.  Think of a top spinning??

And you’re done.  Well, you are after you’ve dipped all the berries and rolled them in the sugar and let the whole shebang cool and harden.  Yummo!!!



I’m serving mine with real whipped cream although in the pics, I used Cool Whip because I didn’t have time to make the whipped cream at that very second.  I had to hurry and get a water sprinkler system reprogrammed then hustle home to help get vehicles out the wheat fields.

Yep, we’re almost done with wheat harvest!  Now I get why everyone here always celebrate in a big way on the Fourth of July.  Harvest is usually OVER!!! YeeeeHawwww!!!!

OH, and if you don’t want to hand over 2-4 bucks for colored sugar..and I don’t and also don’t want to drive 80 miles for it…

Put sanding sugar or Sprinkle Sugar…the diff is the sanding sugar is a little larger granule of sugar than regular sugar…the Sprinkle Sugar is even larger.  I didn’t try regular but prefer the sanding, in case you want to know.

Put a cup or so of sugar into a plastic bag that seals.  Drop some food coloring or color gel..whatever you have into the sugar. Seal the bag and squish out the air.  Knead the sugar around until the color is even.  I used 3 drops of my Wilton Royal Blue.  Easy peasey!

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2 Responses to 4th of July goodies…from last year

  1. chmjr2 says:

    They look great! I hope I get some homemade strawberry jam this year. Just so many ways to enjoy them,


  2. Kitty says:

    Lurve your plate and your dish cloth. Strawberries look yummie, too.


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