After a long…cold…wet…endless winter, we are almost nearing SPRING!  But don’t hold your breath!

First order of the day, after cleaning out flower beds, was to get birthday cakes planned, designed and made.  One down…several to go!

This birthday girl had a hard time deciding what exactly she wanted and then there was the problem of finding a time for a party in the midst of track meets, scholar’s bowls, etc. So we improvised .

purple birthday cake, rosettes

I baked the cake and decided to go with her signature color…purple.  And found a cake design I really liked and went with it. Figured out a couple of things as I went, mainly doing those giant rosettes is NOT as simple as it looks!!  I think I know what I’ll do next time and am still contemplating on the getting the rosettes uniform.

crumb coat, cake

8″, 3 layered and torted cake filled with hazelnut filling

The birthday girl was pleased as were her Sunday School compadres.  We were missing several with a couple coming in a little late but they gave the hazelnut filling and chocolate cake a thumbs up.  A win for Meemaw!!

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  1. Rachael Herring says:

    You continue to amaze me with your cake-making skills. I’ve not been getting your posts. Did you take the winter off?


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