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After a long…cold…wet…endless winter, we are almost nearing SPRING!  But don’t hold your breath! First order of the day, after cleaning out flower beds, was to get birthday cakes planned, designed and made.  One down…several to go! This birthday girl … Continue reading

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Basketball and cakes…

March Madness…it’s here.  Sort of.  Since there are no surviving Kansas or Texas teams, it’s not quite so mad at this house.  But Big Boss will watch the final game anyway while I find something to do.  I watch too…and … Continue reading

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1,781 Shades of Grey

Learned something new lately.  Grey is not easy. There you have it. I was living in a dream world where you just put a dab of color in white icing, and VOILA, you have the perfect color. So when a … Continue reading

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The Education of Meemaw

  Someone please tell me that I’m not the only granny who didn’t know what “Minecraft” was?  Grandson #6 breathlessly informed me he wanted a Minecraft birthday cake, to my complete and total ignorance.  Then he started rattling on and … Continue reading

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The Big Boom and Sunday Cakes

I thought about doing a Cake Wreck post a la their “Sunday Sweets”.  Their Sundays, as opposed to all other day where “wreckie posts” rule the day, Sunday Sweets feature truly amazing cakes.  Yes, even I have appeared on Sunday … Continue reading

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He said, “CANDY!”.

“I WANT CANDY!” “And….CHOCOLATE!!!!!” OK.  So you get candy.  And chocolate.  I considered hollowing out the middle of the cake and pouring Reece’s Pieces inside it. If I could’ve found a giant chocolate Reece’s lollipop, that would’ve been the crowning … Continue reading

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Casa de Smurf

We are now entering a time warp.  Be warned. Smurfs were so 80’s.  I had forgotten about the tiny little blue guys…and gal.  Then they made a movie a couple of years ago, so off the grands and I went.  Yeah, … Continue reading

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