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Sunday in New York City

Ha!  You thought I was done with New York City didn’t you?!  Not hardly.  I could write a book!  Let’s see…did we talk about the flight into NYC? Or eating supper and meeting friends in Grand Central Station? Or spending the … Continue reading

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Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

When I saw the above painting, the old hymn “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” came to mind. It’s long been a favorite of mine. I think the song sneaked into my heart in my college years when a friend shared … Continue reading

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Review on “The Hobbit” movie next up

  But not from me, because I’m not among The Elite who have already got to see it.  I’m not sure how that works, but there are a lot of things I don’t understand about how all this movie stuff … Continue reading

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The Good News…

Well, the Good News is…according to the New Testament, the Good News abounds throughout!  Matthew, Mark and Luke proclaim it and in Acts, Paul was “preaching the Good News about Jesus and the resurrection.” Thus, the Good News Club was … Continue reading

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The Sounds of Sunday

This may be my favorite Mike and Connie composition!! It’s called “Firefly”. Which bring a question to my mind. Why does Tennessee call Lightin’ Bugs …Fireflies? Mike wrote this song in honor of the Elkmont Fireflies, which is just down … Continue reading

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PSA: What I think

    I know…sounds scary.  But this past week has made me think.  A lot.  I’m struggling with this whole “Christians who hate gays” thing. How in the world did that come about?  Is this more of a struggle with God’s … Continue reading

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On a serious note

Big Boss and I have been subscribed to Chuck Colson’s newsletter/blog/website, Breakpoint, for years.  What a voice for the Christian worldview!  I’m pretty sure we have every book the man has written and most of the dvd’s that he produced.  In the world … Continue reading

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Africa visits Kansas

So…last week I wrote a bit about Joanna and how we met her.  Now I want to share the week she spent here with us. First…I drove 120 miles east to pick her up at the airport.  Not a bad … Continue reading

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Things Joanna left behind

Nope.  She didn’t forget a thing.  She’s a seasoned traveler and has been all over the world.  She knows what she’s doing when it comes to hopping on planes and heading for the unknown.  Alone. So, she didn’t leave her … Continue reading

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Far and Away

A woman named Joanna lives far, far away in a country called Burkina Faso.  She has lived and worked there for 50 plus years.  What does she do in this small, unknown country?  She takes care of children…mostly orphans left behind … Continue reading

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