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Joy in the Mailbox!

Three of my favorite movies arrived in the mail today!!!  I had searched and searched but, alas, no luck.  I did find one in Hastings but it wasn’t Blu Ray, so it was time to pull up Amazon and just … Continue reading

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Going in Circles or Cinderella’s Fashion Sense

Leaves to rake. Flowers to clean. Irises to dig. Or is it irisi? Daylilies to dig. And throw away.  (Don’t worry!  Just the ugly ones.) Irises and daylilies to pot up for friends.  Or not! Holes to fill. Weeds to … Continue reading

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What to watch when Downton Abbey is over….

Believe it or not, I was thinking about this the other night.  Sunday night to be exact. So I headed for PBS full well knowing that there was NO Downton Abbey until next year BUT… I sat down to watch … Continue reading

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Urgent Business

  PSA!!! Downton Abby Season 5 TONIGHT! 8:00 on PBS. If, perchance, you mistakenly call my house, my cell, try to private message me, tweet, email, text….or knock on my front or back doors…do not, repeat DO NOT, expect sane … Continue reading

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Get out from under that rock!

  Or…maybe you don’t have Facebook (not necessarily a bad thing :). Or…you don’t Tweet (same thought as above). Or…you have a life!!!? I’m here to help you out.  To give you that gracious hand/info. Cause y’all know I’m a … Continue reading

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Kindle. Book. Kindle. Book. ???

A while back, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life.  It was decision that didn’t come easily.  I researched.  I pondered.  I asked for opinions. What to do. What to do.  I felt somehow that if I … Continue reading

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He’s at it again!

And, I might add, I’m thinking “When the Game Stands Tall” didn’t help. We went to see it last week, with recommendations coming in from his past athletes saying stuff like, “Wow. The coach in the movie reminds me so … Continue reading

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John and Margaret…Big Boss and the Queen

In honor of Valentines Day and because Big Boss loves the movie SO MUCH…also because he adores British movies…I’m watching Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South. ( I watch now so I don’t have to hear the quotes from Out of Africa.) Yes. Glued … Continue reading

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Downton Abbey Guilt

Yeah…guilt. I’m thrilled with the new season! I could hardly contain myself that first night in January when I clicked in the PBS channel number. I had already scheduled the recorder days before. I was taking NO chances. The dishes … Continue reading

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The Eye of the Dragon, Smaug, that is…

  This photo just hit the internet.  It’s taken by Clark Little out of Hawaii.  He takes some amazing pics and this just another one of many awesome…yeah, I said “awesome”…photos from his studio. The second I saw it, I … Continue reading

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