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Making the Old New Again

I have a theme going here lately.  Why?  Because I am purging closets, putting away Christmas stuff, de-cluttering, organizing stuff… I’m actually getting things done.  Partially thanks to trimming down time spent on social media. A friend and I made … Continue reading

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The Story of the Ten Horsemen Soon to be Eleven…oops, Twelve!

Update: Big Boss got #11 up last year. But. We need one more horse and rider. Number twelve arrived in April.  Right smack dab in the middle of corn planting, followed closely by wheat harvest, with corn silage harvest right … Continue reading

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Kansas Prairie Fortresses: Fort Hays

This one had been waiting for us. It was just around the corner. How had we missed it? Just 60 miles north of us, sits Fort Hays. Yes, the one mentioned in Dances With Wolves or so they claim. I … Continue reading

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ME? a Colorama Tyrant?

REPOST alert!!!  Since first writing the below article, it has come to my attention that there now exists Grown-up Coloring books, most of which recommend using colored pencils at the preferred tool.  At long last. Coloring books for big people. … Continue reading

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He’s at it again!

And, I might add, I’m thinking “When the Game Stands Tall” didn’t help. We went to see it last week, with recommendations coming in from his past athletes saying stuff like, “Wow. The coach in the movie reminds me so … Continue reading

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Apple Butter Nightmares

Who knew apples could be so scary?  I slept very little last night. Why? I kept smelling apple butter. Why? Because I was trying out the new, easy, shiny way of making apple butter. How? Sticking the whole kit and … Continue reading

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The Miracle of Madilynn

    Miss Madi turns “2” this Sunday. Since there were SO many conflicts on that day, her mom decided to have her party a week early, last Sunday. So I put my cake bakin’ apron back on…but this was … Continue reading

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Little Forts on the Prairie

  Last Friday, the four oldest granddaughters and I took a little field trip. Sort of an End of the Summer thing. Or, “Yay! School is just around the corner!!”, which describes the granddaughters’ attitudes but definitely NOT the grandsons. … Continue reading

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As the Dust Settles or The End

 Not a new soap opera but man, does it describe today! The Wedding was this past weekend and although I’m not a drinking woman, I feel like I just came off a cheap drunk, as my Daddy would say!  🙂 … Continue reading

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The Next thing we knew, we were THERE!!!

After a whirlwind week, I “think” I may be coherent enough to sit down and write about our trip to DC.  Huge emphasis on the “may be” …. With considerable doubt, I’m not sure there’s a possibility of seeing “It … Continue reading

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