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A Shape Note Tutorial?!

Do you know what “shape note: singing is?  (I’m betting my Church of Christ friends have known all about it for a long time?!) Have you ever heard a group implementing this form of singing? Weirdly enough, I had heard … Continue reading

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“Noteable” Wednesday ♪♪

Big Boss and I met on the campus of a teeny tiny Southern Baptist college in my hometown…not Baylor! 🙂 Howard Payne College boasted that it was a school where everyone knew everyone and that was pretty much a fact.  The … Continue reading

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Sunday in New York City

Ha!  You thought I was done with New York City didn’t you?!  Not hardly.  I could write a book!  Let’s see…did we talk about the flight into NYC? Or eating supper and meeting friends in Grand Central Station? Or spending the … Continue reading

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Bring Him Home from way back

  A couple of days ago, I discovered that the Piano Guys had done their version of “Bring Him Home”, most probably my favorite song of all time. Well besides “The Streets of Laredo”. And “Deborah’s Theme from Once Upon … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve Symphony

If you haven’t heard this, you MUST give it a try.  The Piano Guys just keep churning out wonderful, beautiful music.  I’m sure that this is my favorite so far.  🙂

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Silent Night Revisited

Consider this an early Christmas present because I never have been good at saving stuff!!  I adore this version of “Silent Night” sung by Michelle Moyer and had to share. Now!  So you can enjoy the entire season!!  Here ya … Continue reading

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Music for today

    In the midst of cleaning up after cake making….believe me when I say I can totally trash a kitchen so fast it will make your head spin…and packing and taking Thanksgiving down and putting Christmas up and waiting for … Continue reading

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