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Smoky Mountain High

If you’re needing some ideas for vacation travel this coming year, this is where I go!

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Favorite Things at the Farm

I’m inspired by Dairy Carrie, who posted “My Favorite Things” yesterday.  You know, kinda like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music?  Only these are favorite things that Carrie loves or as she calls it, “the ultimate guide for gift-giving … Continue reading

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Another cup please?

Of coffee!  I NEED COFFEE and all the caffeine I can get my old hands on!  Wow!  What a weekend! Besides helping get a class reunion pulled off, I had cakes to bake and decorate for the gathering, a neglected … Continue reading

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Blue lions?

An afterthought…this soap dish was especially valuable as my high school mascot was/is the lion. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I unearthed this jewel! It was not only a LION but blue saltglaze ware! I’ve collected … Continue reading

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Sword Art, G-d and Sundays

There are moments that you experience complete and utter wonder.  The kind that leaves you wordless.  All you can do is sit and look and soak the experience in.  Maybe not an epiphany, in its truest form, but wonder just … Continue reading

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May Flag Moment

I was outside watching butterflies, listening to an unidentified bird sing and pulling weeds early this AM.  A beautiful morning was unfolding right before me…and around me, while I waited for the caffeine to kick in. But I was awake … Continue reading

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Don’t mind if I do

All this George tawk has made me homesick.  But, I got a good dose of Texas today!  And that can possibly cure any ailment…even a missing King! As I headed in to town to mail BB’s correspondence, I nearly fell … Continue reading

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