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Granny’s Sugar Cookies aka Tea Cakes

We all have them. Treasured recipes! They’ve probably been hanging around since we married…or shortly thereafter. Mine are tattered, splotched, torn, stained and marked with notations. I panic if I can’t find mine right away as in my blood runs cold while … Continue reading

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Muffins Rock!

  Years and years ago, a friend made me some marvelous muffins. And also gave me her recipe. It was one of those recipes that you can mix up, cook a batch for breakfast, store the leftover batter in the … Continue reading

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Crispy, Crunchy Sugar Cookies

For Annie, a cookie recipe I got from my Aunt May years ago…WARNING: these things are addictive.  I have to hide them from myself.  And a granddaughter! Plus, a bonus recipe link for the soft cookies. Soft cookies rule here. … Continue reading

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4th of July goodies…from last year

Strawberries are a staple around here.  Big Boss eats them with his cereal every morning.  I eat them not every day but they make a great snack.  I eat mine minus the dip in the sugar, using a packet of … Continue reading

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Hey! It’s Millionaire Time again!!!!

Several folks have asked for the Texas Millionaire candy recipe to be posted again, so here ya go.  But this year’s edition will feature the Lovely Jessie, #1 granddaughter, who loves to cook and is eager to learn.  And is exceptionally talented! … Continue reading

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Recipe Saturday with Chicken and Noodles

            Time to repost an oldie but goodie…or something!  Just in time to sit right smack dab in the middle of a Thanksgiving table.  Really easy to make, few ingredients and completely yummy!  Here ya … Continue reading

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Of cinnamon rolls and heaven: Repost for LaWanda

  Yes, I know the Bible doesn’t mention any cinnamon rolls in heaven.  But it also doesn’t say there won’t be any. In the meantime, us mortals can only do our best making them.  My mother-in-law was famous for hers.  … Continue reading

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