Hunting in KS

Ruffhouse Outfitters

Professional Gun Dogs

5 Responses to Hunting in KS

  1. Honey, your link is broken to the “Ruffhouse Outfitters”. It looks like a good time! Grandma used to house pheasant hunters in Damar, Kansas, probably 50 years ago.


    • The Queen says:

      Actually, everything was broken this morning! We NO internet service so I suspect that was why you couldn’t get the link to work. I just clicked it and it linked right up!! Thankfully, our oldest son and daughter-in-law run the hunting business now!!! We were just over there and hunters who started with us years ago still come back!! Thanks for stopping by and for alerting me!!


  2. Good deal! I just was led to your blog by the Superbowl “farmer ad” facebook post that a friend reposted. We live in Georgia, so it was nice to see “home” (Kansas-Nebraska) once again.


    • The Queen says:

      I’m so glad you visited!! It’s amazing how many people have farming roots and enjoy seeing that world again! Thanks for stopping by…BTW, how do you stand that southern humidity? I go back home to TX and nearly melt in it. Georgia is much more humid I’m pretty sure!!:)


  3. We stay inside with air conditioning. 😉


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