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Oak Tree Parenting

I posted on Facebook a while back that I had extra baby burr oak trees.My announcement gave guidelines as who could have these little beauties though….they had to be approved by me, the Oak Grandparent, for not just anyone can pry them … Continue reading

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Acorns Galore!!!

You heard me right! I have acorns, acorns, ACORNS!! (And yes, I know it’s Christmas Eve. The thing is, this is a current event. Sort of ongoing in fact.) Does this seem odd to any newcomers to the blog? Probably … Continue reading

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The Great Squirrel War

I’ve always chuckled at photos on Facebook that feature little critters.  Not that I thought the critters were automatically “cute”  but I chuckle at us humans spending so much time admiring them.  Especially squirrels. Do these folks realize that if … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Important things are happening!  Spraying weeds is at the top of the list, with working cattle right behind. Kids are on Spring Break so tonight is Cousin’s Night…baking, cooking and organizing at the top of MY list. I’ve finished my … Continue reading

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Our new baby!

There’s been an addition around here You’re probably thinking…”Don’t they have enough babies around that place?” Well actually as far as I’m concerned there canNOT be enough babies. EVER. But this is not a human baby. And it’s not of … Continue reading

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I have acorns. Again!!!! So the suspense is over. It’s official. There. Are. Acorns. On. The. Tree. *doing the happy dance* Praying I get just one good one for planting. And…the red oak is acorn-heavy. That’s a first! I must … Continue reading

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Gifts from the Heart are also The Best!

The other day, I stopped by to take DiL and granddaughters a couple of things and chat about silage lunches. The oldest grand was reading to her mom as the youngest came running at me while the second oldest paraded … Continue reading

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Nut Update

No, this is not a psychiatrist’s report on a crazy farmwife.  Thought I should catch y’all up on my nut crop…acorns and pecans, that is. Due to horrible winds all day Thursday, lots of “things” came down…peach tree branches, a … Continue reading

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Back again and an acorn update…

  I’ve driven over 2,000 miles in the last 2 weeks. From here to Texas, then Texas to here, then back to Texas, then back to here.  My house is a mess.  My suitcases are everywhere. And still packed. I have cakes to … Continue reading

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