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ME? a Colorama Tyrant?

REPOST alert!!!  Since first writing the below article, it has come to my attention that there now exists Grown-up Coloring books, most of which recommend using colored pencils at the preferred tool.  At long last. Coloring books for big people. … Continue reading

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Where in the world is Waldo/Meemaw

Still here and paddling like crazy! So much has been going on and so much to do yet.  I have plans!  I have dreams!  I can envision SO many projects! And yet…I have many projects to finalize. Finally. One that … Continue reading

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Chickens and Fairytales

How much fun am I having???! A lot!!!! Fresh off a night filled with music (Vienna Boys Choir), I headed north the next morning to see/meet one of my favorite children’s’ book authors and illustrator…Jan Brett! Can you believe she was … Continue reading

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A Tangled Birthday

So, I give you the Tangled cake.  The birthday girl was delighted and her first comment was, “Oh!  The sunshine flower is there!”.  Details people. Details. The way the Tangled story goes, a single drop of sunshine fell to the … Continue reading

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Favorite Things at the Farm

I’m inspired by Dairy Carrie, who posted “My Favorite Things” yesterday.  You know, kinda like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music?  Only these are favorite things that Carrie loves or as she calls it, “the ultimate guide for gift-giving … Continue reading

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ME? a Colorama Tyrant?

Note: Not farm related exactly…but part of this happened here at the farm.  Does that count?  Oh, and Big Boss finally got his post written so that will coming up sometime soon.  No promises tho.  Tis the weekend and anything … Continue reading

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Hobbit News Flash

Concept art image of Thorin Oakenshield courtesy of Cosmic Booknews and Google Images  Someone did the art work for this.  Question is, who?  Nice job tho.  If I read this right…a mini-bust of Thorin Oakenshield?!! Really?! I’ll take two please although I … Continue reading

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