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Ever wonder about this blog’s title?

I do. Every day. I wonder what you wonder about. What do people want to know about living in the country?  And not just “Living in the Country”  a la Country Living magazine.  I mean real country living. You know…where … Continue reading

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You know it’s bad…

out there when the ducks can’t fly. When the ducks land in the middle of a cattle pen.  When the ducks sit in the cattle pen and won’t move.  Big Boss just spotted a duck perched on top of snow … Continue reading

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Granny’s Sugar Cookies aka Tea Cakes

We all have them. Treasured recipes! They’ve probably been hanging around since we married…or shortly thereafter. Mine are tattered, splotched, torn, stained and marked with notations. I panic if I can’t find mine right away as in my blood runs cold while … Continue reading

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Mystery jobs on the farm

I was going about my business as best I could. I had room full of bankers and cowboys meeting in the Hunter’s Dining Room. The dust had settled out there somewhat as the back door was no longer opening every … Continue reading

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All’s Quiet on the Farm Front aka Misc.

And why is it so quiet?  Well  the obvious answer is…it’s winter.  Snow is still on the ground although much of it has melted making for sloppy conditions at a feedlot. Chances of more precip on Thursday with lower temps, … Continue reading

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Dodging the Bullet

We were supposed to have a doozie of a storm last night.  All of the weather guys up here were sending out red flags galore.  I used to go into Full Panic Mode when weather reports were of the Blizzard … Continue reading

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Review on “The Hobbit” movie next up

  But not from me, because I’m not among The Elite who have already got to see it.  I’m not sure how that works, but there are a lot of things I don’t understand about how all this movie stuff … Continue reading

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