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The Big Boom and Sunday Cakes

I thought about doing a Cake Wreck post a la their “Sunday Sweets”.  Their Sundays, as opposed to all other day where “wreckie posts” rule the day, Sunday Sweets feature truly amazing cakes.  Yes, even I have appeared on Sunday … Continue reading

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Powercats R Us

You might be asking, “What IS a Powercat?”!  That’s OK. I didn’t know either. For a long time, I lived in total oblivion of Kansas State/Wildcats/Power Cats/Bill Snyder. Then, Big Boss and I sent off 2 out of 3 sons to … Continue reading

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So, I was working on this cake…

Not much time to type/write BUT… It’s raining!!! Again! It’s cold!!! Still! Mud is everywhere! And cake’s are in the making. Again! First person to guess the theme, gets a prize. Not sure what, but I’ll figure that out later. … Continue reading

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The Miracle of Madilynn

    Miss Madi turns “2” this Sunday. Since there were SO many conflicts on that day, her mom decided to have her party a week early, last Sunday. So I put my cake bakin’ apron back on…but this was … Continue reading

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Breaking News….

Remember THIS? And THIS? Well, THIS happened yesterday and I can’t tell you how completely wonderful it is that it happened on a Sunday!!!! Why?  Because any other day that you’re featured on a Cake Wreck day, you need to … Continue reading

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Birthday Polka with a Wooden Twist and Candy

Today our twin grandsons celebrated their 12th birthday. Yikes!  How did THAT happen?  Why just the other day… They, like the other grands, get to pick out a birthday cake every year.  This year the oldest wanted a chocolate cake … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday aka What I Forgot to Do on Wednesday

Well, maybe not forgot…just didn’t get around to. Eating.  Partially true as I ate the last…two…tamales sometime between 2 and 5.  😦 And some lemon yogurt. 🙂 Almost forgot the getting dressed part.  I looked down as I dropped some … Continue reading

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As the sun shines…

  We’re preparing for possibly another flurry of snow?!  How can that be, you’re thinking. It’s gorgeous out. The sun is shining, there’s no wind, the grass is greening as I type, the apricot tree has its first buds peeking … Continue reading

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And another…

These guys are just begging for some more fried pies!!  Austin got his first buck tonight during the birthday party….ok, that sounded weird….we were celebrating #1 son’s birthday tonight while Austin and #2 son were out hunting deer.  There, that’s … Continue reading

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A real quick note:

No time for blogging today, but I did want to get the latest bluebonnet pic from Central Texas up!  Once again, our correspondent Suz has come through with photos!!!  What a gal!  She took these photos close to her house.  Next week … Continue reading

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