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Back to the Polka

  I mentioned last week that this new obsession with polka dots was thanks to Pinterest.  It was the old “I wonder if I could do that?” thought process that you go through when you see something new. Like when … Continue reading

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Smaller is Better?

I tried.  I really did.  The plan was perfect.  Scale everything down. Instead of 10″, make it 8″.  Instead of 8″, make it 6″.  Instead of 6″, make it 4″. Sounded good.  But then…I needed more height on the 8″ … Continue reading

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Spider Man Rules the Day

  All done but the dishes. And mopping the sticky floor. 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll finish the Tangled Tower and set it aside.  May get a small cake done too.  We’ll see. Spider Man turned out to be one colorful and … Continue reading

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Birthdays R Us

I went to the grocery store today.  I was out of every conceivable cake decorating supplies known to mankind.  It was just time to go.  And besides, Hobby Lobby could use the support right?!!  🙂 It seems several of us … Continue reading

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How did I get this old?

What brought that on?  Our oldest son celebrated his 40th birthday this past weekend.  FORTYcanyoubelieveit?!!  Yikes.  So that means…I had him when I was 12?  More like 22.  Figure it up. We had a family birthday party last night.  Which … Continue reading

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The origin of today’s scraps

In case you were wondering…you were, weren’t you?  The reason the grands were snacking on cake scraps today is that I had a birthday cake to do for a special little girl…well, they’re all special, but this isn’t even a grand.  … Continue reading

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I’m still learning!!

This old dog is still learning…or attempting…new tricks.  One thing is for sure.  I need to get this procrastination thing out of my system.  Bowser arrived the day BEFORE the birthday…whew. He was ordered from Amazon because there are NO Bowsers in the … Continue reading

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The List that took over the world

I’m whittling it down, slowly but surely.  I know.  You might ask ” WHY do you make these lists?  They only set you up to fail.”  No no NO!  That’s NOT the point.  Lists keep me moving.  They keep me organized.  I have … Continue reading

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