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Windless on the Prairie

NO WIND!!!!! Front porch… Open windows! Fresh air…as in no dust Birds. Everywhere. Singing their tiny hearts out because… NO WIND!!!!! Blooms busting out. EVERYWHERE. Cattle mooing while Big Boss feeds them. I can hear that because… NO WIND!!!!! Geese … Continue reading

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Yes, I have no Tomatoes…

  Yet, but I will.  Those maters are growing like crazy!  And unlike last year, they’re blooming.  And the peppers are already setting on, as are the pumpkins. And the squash!  Oh man the squash is going crazy.  I may … Continue reading

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Bluebonnet news flash…

The first bluebonnets to bloom for the 2012 season! The first blooms are being sighted in the Austin area as posted by Dianne, our BBB correspondent in an undisclosed part of the city.  While no first hand reports are available, the included … Continue reading

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