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Texas Bluebonnet Blues

Anyone out there in a Bluebonnet state of mind?!!!  Well I am!  Can’t wait to get home to see them first hand. In the meantime…as the ham cooks, the beef tenderloin cools and the pork loin awaits Big Boss’s magical … Continue reading

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Stone Barn’s Forgotten Past

I made a fast trip to Texas a couple of weeks ago, hoping against all odds that I might see just one bluebonnet.  No such luck. Way too early.  I knew that but just hoped to see one. After all, … Continue reading

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Shadows of the Summer

It smells like fall. It is beginning to look like autumn.   Harvest is almost over…also wheat planting.   The last blooms of my rose bushes are hanging on. And would you believe it?!!  My bluebonnets and my red bluebonnets … Continue reading

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Scarves Anonymous

You’re right.  I have a penchant for scarves.  For a reason.  Well, several actually. They are fast. They don’t take much yarn. Therefore, they are inexpensive. They are easy. They are warm. They are pretty. They are fun. They have … Continue reading

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Wish you were here!!

This just in…Fredricksburg Wild Seed Center…chock full of wonderful plants and stuff! I’ll take 2 of each! On the road to Austin to visit the Lady Bird Wildflower Center. Update following….

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Don’t run over the bluebonnets

So…guess where I am?!!!! Yep. That’s right. I am in the Great State of Texas…the Lonestar State…the kingdom of George Strait…where armadillos and roadrunners roam along with horny toads and rattlesnakes and scorpions. But best of all…where bluebonnets reside really … Continue reading

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When Fabric and Flowers Meet

Feast your eyes on these beauties! Unbelievable skill and creativity. Wow.  

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Do you wanna see some bluebonnets?

*sung to the tune of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman??”* Somebody slap me…. But, on the other hand we could all do with a nice, big dose of blue. Right? Like this….

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Bluebonnet Legends

Today was our oldest granddaughter’s 9th birthday, who requested the American Girl doll, Kaya AND a cake to match!  No small orders, these grands of ours!! I was pretty blank on how to incorporate Kaya into a cake.  But then … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Important things are happening!  Spraying weeds is at the top of the list, with working cattle right behind. Kids are on Spring Break so tonight is Cousin’s Night…baking, cooking and organizing at the top of MY list. I’ve finished my … Continue reading

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