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The Ides of November

Yeah, I know it’s the Ides of March.  Considering March 15th as a turning point in history, that’s kind of what’s going around here…lots of Turning Points.  Which, by the way, is also the title of an excellent blog/ministry by David … Continue reading

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Shadows of the Summer

It smells like fall. It is beginning to look like autumn.   Harvest is almost over…also wheat planting.   The last blooms of my rose bushes are hanging on. And would you believe it?!!  My bluebonnets and my red bluebonnets … Continue reading

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Oaks are busting out all o-over…

  Spring certainly isn’t.  For sure.  Tulips are trying to say hello. Daffodils are struggling.  Iris bed is still mostly dead leaves from last year.  Even the apricot tree is at a stand still and it’s the eternal front row … Continue reading

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