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Bierocks…Food of the Plains and Germans

UPDATE: click HERE for other bierock fillings Bierocks…one more food I’d never heard of until I became a Displaced Texan. I didn’t realize that the Volga Germans had such a huge influence in Kansas.  Who knew that so many foods … Continue reading

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A Cautionary Tale of Cabbage Juice, a Brush and Barbecue

You know you can find and read some really wacked out stuff on the internet.  Like the time Big Boss had a tummy ache and found a cure online.  Yep, the sure cure was cabbage juice.  It made sense though.  … Continue reading

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A short “Recipe Saturday”

On my way out the door to finish up the wedding cake.  Today’s recipe is an old favorite.  After we moved up here, I discovered that these people don’t make cole slaw like we do in the South!  Thank goodness.  Never … Continue reading

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