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Casa de Smurf

We are now entering a time warp.  Be warned. Smurfs were so 80’s.  I had forgotten about the tiny little blue guys…and gal.  Then they made a movie a couple of years ago, so off the grands and I went.  Yeah, … Continue reading

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All the Little Ghosties, in a Row…a Halloween cake

Repost Alert: Just in case you have extra time on your hands and you’re anxious to decorate for Halloween…  =0) Update: Go HERE for the companion piece to this cake! I must get this written. Why?  Because it’s September 9…just … Continue reading

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Fresh Orange Cake Heaven, here we come! Take 2

Update note:  I posted this recipe a while back.  It’s audience keeps growing and growing so here we go again. As promised…a recipe.  A cake recipe.  An old family favorite. Next to a Lemon Meringue pie, this could be my … Continue reading

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Bluebonnet Legends

Today was our oldest granddaughter’s 9th birthday, who requested the American Girl doll, Kaya AND a cake to match!  No small orders, these grands of ours!! I was pretty blank on how to incorporate Kaya into a cake.  But then … Continue reading

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Not a frozen cake…a Frozen cake!

Update: a followup post for the Frozen cake How To is HERE. As you know, I’ve been in the process of creating ice and snow in my kitchen…as seen HERE and HERE. The big day was yesterday and the birthday … Continue reading

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and MORE Little Ghosties!

A reader sent this a few days ago and due to trips, football and silage harvest, I’m just now getting this up. Karen did  a great job on her Ghost candy jar, the perfect compliment to the Ghostie Cake and … Continue reading

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Decorating with Ghosts…or…Hello October!

Happy First Day of October!! You thought I was done with the Peeps ghosts, didn’t you?  Ha! Actually, I saw this cute vase idea last year. Somewhere.  I have NO idea who to credit this to, so if you know, … Continue reading

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