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Before I forget…

Last cake creation for the month of June…got busy with harvest and nearly didn’t get this posted!

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A week late

I’m not sure what happened to this past week but POOF…it’s almost gone! Mainly, this week was spent cleaning house and working outside. Which means, grandsons were over to help twice this week.  Thank goodness.  We got lots done.  More … Continue reading

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Yeah, pretty weak but I couldn’t help myself!!  *snort* I created an account at Pinterest last year but saw very quickly that I could lose days, no, weeks…of time at this very addictive site. So I limited my time there. … Continue reading

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The Creepy Meemaw

Yes, that would be me. Yesterday was cake day. Daughter-in-law called to say that she had the cake baked, fillings made and equipment assembled so anytime I wanted to come over and assist in the creation of a hot pink zebra … Continue reading

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What’s for Breakfast Mom?!

I am going to perhaps shock some of you out there.  I sometimes BUY breakfast.  Yes, I admit it. I love breakfast so much that sometimes I cheat.  And buy it. Not make it from scratch.  Heresy, you’re thinking?  It … Continue reading

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Reunion Cakes and Cow Patties

Big Boss and the Class of ’67 reunioned a while back.  It’s been 45 years since they graduated.   A fun time was had by the exes, the surviving parents of which there are 5 now and several of their teachers … Continue reading

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My Favorite Part

     This is where the CakeFun begins for real!  This brother and sister also share their birthdays with their mom.  Believe it or not. So in November, there is mass birthday hysteria around here when you add Big Boss … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Anniversary and Blogaverssary All in ONE!!! To ME!!

It IS all about me right?!!!! OK.  Got ‘er done. Just in time for Big Boss’s high school buddy to come eat cake.  I had given him a heads up at the school earlier after I finished my bike run.  … Continue reading

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It all started with college

What started with college?  A love story. Awwww, you’re thinking.  Yeah, it was 1968 and, as stated in yesterday’s post, I was attending Howard Payne College and NOT Baylor.  Woe was me.  But…I had a job.  In fact, I started working … Continue reading

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In the Kitchen Again (to the tune of “On the Road Again”)

  More cakes.  A friend needed cakes for her 2 kids birthdays this weekend, so I’m doing one and my #3 DiL is making the other.  We’re sorta coordinating the designs and sizes. It will interesting to see how this turns … Continue reading

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