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As the sun shines…

  We’re preparing for possibly another flurry of snow?!  How can that be, you’re thinking. It’s gorgeous out. The sun is shining, there’s no wind, the grass is greening as I type, the apricot tree has its first buds peeking … Continue reading

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Echoes of Catherine Marshall and J.R.R. Tolkien

I’m a bit of a detail person.  This characteristic takes me in strange places! In about my second of being a member of the Leadership Team for ChristyFest, I had a sudden brilliant flash. I had researched the home crafts … Continue reading

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Hobbity News and Links…

There is so much information coming in about The Hobbit, it’s hard to keep up with the pace!!!  One of my favorite places to go to for a Hobbit fix is the Tolkien Library, based in Belgium and headed up by … Continue reading

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All about Christy

Back in 2001, I  stumbled on to a TV series called, Christy which aired on the Hallmark channel, totally by accident.  And it happened to be one of the best episodes of the entire series, “Amazing Grace”.  How fortunate for me.  … Continue reading

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