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Eighteen Shades of Blessings Update

Yesterday, I shared my Things That Make Me Happy list.  That was the Reader’s Digest version.  In the interest of not putting you to sleep, I kept it short. Besides, it changes almost hourly! Like right now, I’m looking out … Continue reading

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Dragging out coats again!

Yesterday was a day for change.  In the weather category.  We went from sunny and 72 to biting wind with temps dropping by the seconds. Fortunately, I chose to walk my  mile in the in-between hour where there was no … Continue reading

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Calling all irritable farm wives!?

Years ago, a friend’s farm house was featured in National Geographic.  The featured photo in the mag was of a sign on a post that leads to their house.  It read:  Caution.  Irritable farmwife. I can identify with that. Big … Continue reading

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Pardon our aroma

I read the March 28th article at the Daily Caller this morning and it brought up a subject that I first heard about…oh, maybe 10 years ago on a radio talk show. When the host mentioned that one day, there … Continue reading

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Country Walks

After spending most of the day working on birthday cakes, interspersed with phone calls, doorbells and the welcome help of a four-year old…I went for a walk.  I’m trying to up my exercise routine in preparation for upcoming trips and … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Important things are happening!  Spraying weeds is at the top of the list, with working cattle right behind. Kids are on Spring Break so tonight is Cousin’s Night…baking, cooking and organizing at the top of MY list. I’ve finished my … Continue reading

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Of Boots and Bovine Manure aka There and Back Again

Bracing myself as Big Boss hasn’t hit the back door yet! It’s poop hauling time around here and that means when he does hit the back door, he will smell bad. Really bad. Of skunk proportions! He takes his boots … Continue reading

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