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Brilliant Car Washing Technique

Not really.  A car wash is a car wash.  In my case…a truck wash. It was very difficult to figure out if my pickup was brown…ish.  Or maybe beige with touches of sienna sprinkled here and there. In real life, … Continue reading

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Life in a Small Town…continued

When last we spoke/typed/read, a small town was being invaded by alien beings.  From all over the US…California, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio.  And they, the aliens, had one goal in mind other than invasion.  They hoped to make a living and … Continue reading

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The Tale of the Red Malibu

We were still in college, dating and madly in love.  He called me long distance that summer weekend with a one huge question.  (No, he had already asked that question, unofficially.  The ring day hadn’t happened yet. ) He was going … Continue reading

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