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Recipe Saturday…Dorothy’s Black Forest Torte

One Christmas, many years ago, Grandma met us with a cake that one of her best friends had brought over…a Black Forest Torte/cake.  Oh my.  It was gorgeous.  It was sumptuous.  It was a HIT!! And now…it is a classic … Continue reading

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Would you believe more pig cakes?

and the phenomenon goes on.  Remember?  The Pigs in the Mud cake  last February?  The one that went viral? Yep.  I’m still getting boocoos (yes, that’s a word.  I know this because my dad used to say it!) of hits … Continue reading

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I Lied

Not something I do habitually.  But yeah, I lied.  What about?  The number of hits the pigs have drawn here.  I must have looked at the stats wrong, as in number of hits for the WEEK instead of hits since … Continue reading

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German Pigs in the Mud cake

We have our first PitM cake lookalike today sent in from Steffi who lives in Germany! Is the internet great or what?! Germany is on the line…HELLO Steffi: Hey 🙂 Thank you for the nice idea! The mother of my husband has … Continue reading

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Another variation of the Pigs in the Mud cake

Update:  The translation and conversion post on “Getting Your Pigs in a Row” has gone viral.  Or nearly.  And I can take NO credit for it.  At all.  Well, maybe the conversion thing but anyone can go on to the … Continue reading

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Getting your pigs in a row!

Update: A Halloween version of this cake can be found HERE! Update: The Easter cake mentioned at the end of this post can be found HERE. In case you’ve missed the talk of the “cake community” on Facebook, here ya … Continue reading

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    now that I have your attention… Need an idea for Halloween treats?  I do.  I made these last year using chocolate fudge cupcakes filled with peanut butter filling and topped with chocolate fudge frosting.  Yummo! I made the “BOO” letters … Continue reading

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