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Out with the Old, In with the…Old

The decorations are down and boxed up.  Garlands and bows have been stuffed into the storage bins.  The tree has been placed into its special bag and tucked away. Christmas is officially over.  Kinda proud though because it’s all down … Continue reading

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Repost for Christmas Breakfast: German Baked Eggs

I asked…a while back…what types of recipes you’d like to see. You asked for easy…tasty…breakfast…one dish…and I panicked! Was it possible to find a dish that was “All Those Things”? And then I remembered this wonderful egg dish that was … Continue reading

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Teepee Depot

I have a Cherokee great-great-great-great grandmother. I can’t prove she was Cherokee. That’s pretty hard to do. I was going to do the DNA test at Ancestry.com to check it out but now there are reports that Indian bloodline won’t … Continue reading

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A Christmas Message…Ravi Zacharias

Big Boss forwarded Ravi Zacharias’ Christmas message to me yesterday. We are both huge fans of Ravi Zacharias and consider him to be the foremost Christian apologist in today’s world. We have heard him speak in person several times and … Continue reading

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An Ornament a Day, Take 2

ROTFLOL…just thought of a funny story a relative of mine told me years ago. She worked at a nice gift shop where really nice Christmas ornaments arrived with fanfare.  It seems that there were shoppers out there who collected specific … Continue reading

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Recipe Saturday…Dorothy’s Black Forest Torte

One Christmas, many years ago, Grandma met us with a cake that one of her best friends had brought over…a Black Forest Torte/cake.  Oh my.  It was gorgeous.  It was sumptuous.  It was a HIT!! And now…it is a classic … Continue reading

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HoHo Doodles

Today was my turn to provide cookies for our Good News kids. This is a community after-school gathering of elementary kids on Wednesdays where we sing, learn, pray and EAT!! I could not decided what to make tho. I had … Continue reading

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