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We are still here!

I have good intentions.  And then, the phone rings…the doorbell rings…hungry people show up in my kitchen…dirt calls my name. Oh yeah. It’s spring.  Things on the farm are definitely in the boiling stage.  Computers needs tweaked so corn planting … Continue reading

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Gentlemen…start your engines

    Yep. It’s that time of year again. Silage harvest. It. Has. Begun. For those who are uninitiated, this is THE harvest of the year. Oh yeah. We harvest wheat. No biggie. Well, not as big as it used … Continue reading

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Shining Seas and Amber Waves

  In my glee of FINALLY finishing the fall harvest, I indulged in some wannabe writing.  Yep, I’m hallucinating. So humor me just this once? ¡Por favor! I have a friend who lives in Tasmania. Prue Batten. She is a … Continue reading

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Ever wonder about this blog’s title?

I do. Every day. I wonder what you wonder about. What do people want to know about living in the country?  And not just “Living in the Country”  a la Country Living magazine.  I mean real country living. You know…where … Continue reading

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Yay. It’s summer.

I can’t decide if I’m glad or sad it’s summer on the plains. The winds have been absolutely relentless.  Every day. All day.  I need to spray weeds but that ain’t happening.  Maybe not till December. And the chaos has … Continue reading

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You know it’s Spring when…

you see this going down the road. Or this… Or this… The top photo is one of the boys going up the hill in the tractor with the planter behind.  I was taking my daily walk and met him at the … Continue reading

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Just before I get the third gallon of crazy….

I’m going to post again. Today.  Can’t take the suspense so I refuse to watch the news.  At ALL!  Arggggh!!  So here’s my second offering for the day… Currently, I am attempting the work off some extra poundage that has … Continue reading

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