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The Doodad

The backstory goes like this…Big Boss lost his dad in a farm accident back in the late ’80s.  Grandpa was just north of the feedlot working on a new government regulation…yes, that’s where our dislike of regulations began.   He was in the … Continue reading

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May Mother and Farmer Moment

Disclaimer: all information contained in the following article is NOT technically and absolutely correct.  It’s more of a From My Point of View type piece.  Sons and husband will probably deny they know me and laugh a lot at some … Continue reading

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The rest of the story

Wow!  I took a nap!!!  That, like, never happens.  An hour’s worth at that.  I feel like a new woman…well, a slightly groggy woman, but new nonetheless.  After last Saturday’s wedding, there was no time to catch my breath (until … Continue reading

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Farming Then, Farming Now

Continuing the “farm” theme, the first article was written about 1900 by Charles Chester Ruff, the patriarch of the family.  He was writing to the editor of his hometown  newspaper back in Pennsylvania, describing the farming conditions of western Kansas.  His letter … Continue reading

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I may be country but…

I told Big Boss that when we moved back to the farm there were some things I was NOT going to do…milk cows, butcher chickens or drive a tractor. Since most of our cattle are steers, the milking thing was not  a … Continue reading

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